Reframe It, Inc. has pioneered a deliberative process which allows groups who diverse opinions and convictions to engage in a constructive deliberative process that can be an effective guide to responsible decision-making. This is a secure, scalable and scientific process that enables discussion about the ideas that inform leadership decisions. This process includes three components: (1) Deliberative PollingĀ®, (2) patented online annotation software, and (3) techniques for ensuring that small mobilized groups cannot distort the process of consultation. In combination, we call these three components the "Deliberative Society" process.

The Deliberative Society process can also be applied as a solution for corporations, known as the Deliberative Corporation.

The Partners bringing the Deliberative Society Process to India have deep experience and credentials in collaborative events, worldwide.

Reframe It India is a Joint Venture between Scaale, Inc. and Reframe It, Inc. The Center for Deliberative Democracy is a subcontractor to Reframe It for the purposes of conducting Deliberative Society projects.